Oppa, Can I know.....?

Hi !
I'm back now....
In the afternoon, i'm thinking about how feel be Super Junior Oppa.
I've many question if i meet with Super Junior Oppa.
And this is my question to some members of Super Junior .....

1. To Siwon Oppa : "Annyeonghaseyo Oppa! I want to know, how do you feel, about everyone love you in this  world ? Because, i think when you meet people , almost everyone you meet is the person who loves you?"

2. To Leeteuk Oppa : "Annyeonghaseyo Oppa ? I heard that you will  follow the conscription in this year ?  you would look dashing with your uniform, Oppa. How do you feel Oppa, go to leave us(ELF) for a while ?

3. To Ryeowook Oppa : "Annyeonghaseyo Oppa! I'm Ryeosomnia, Can you tell me how do you feel be a superstar like you ? You have good voice. ...And can i know, how do you feel, everyone be happy when hear your voice ?

4. To Eunhyuk Oppa : "Annyeonghaseyo Oppa ! Oppa, why you can be machine dance of Super Junior ? Can you tell me, how to have good skill in the dance like you? I want to have good skill like you too.

Emm, yeah just it.
I will back again with many question to SJ oppa !
Bye bye...


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